I can’t thank you enough for what you and your team have done, as you are aware my wife, 3 children and myself have recently moved and unfortunately all of our insurance policies came due within 6 weeks of each other, firstly you saved me £30 per month on phone and broadband, then you saved me £140 on home insurance, then the car insurance for 2 vehicles saved us over £600, after that we thought ‘what the hell’ and looked at the life insurance and you saved me over £440 per year whilst increasing the cover and to top it off I’ve just saved another £340 on my energy bills for the next year, you have saved us a total of over £1880! My van insurance is due in January and I’ve just looked and again I can save another £210, the worst part is that you just smile and say ‘ok’ and won’t take credit for helping so many people like us, so, here I go.
Thank you mate, YOU are a legend!