Lifestyle Excess Protection

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Lifestyle Excess Protection

We’ve teamed up with Trinity Insurance
to offer you lifestyle excess protection.

What is Lifestyle Excess Insurance all about?

Insurance can be an expense for family budgets, with insurance needed for car, home, pets, gadgets, our lives and even the garden shed!

Lifestyle excess insurance will insure the excess you have to pay if you make a claim, this is the agreed amount you need to contribute should the worst happen, in many cases this may be quite high to bring down the yearly cost of your insurance, so why get stung if you need to make a claim?

This Insurance can cover your excess amounts on a number of policies, you can be with any insurer, as this policy is separate from your insurances.

What are the Benefits?

  • Lifestyle excess insurance can give you peace of mind that if you need to make a claim on one of your insurance policies your excess can be reimbursed.
  • Covers policies where you are the Policyholder which are insured by a UK authorised and regulated insurer
  • You could save money by being able to claim back any excess amounts on a claim you make. You could also save by lowering premiums by opting for a higher voluntary excess on your standard policy.

What's covered?

  • The excess on your Home, Motor, Kit and Contents, Travel and Pet insurance policies.
  • Customise the policy around the amount of your excess on covered policies.
  • You can select a 12 month aggregate sum insured of £250 up to £2,000.
  • Simple and easy process to claim back for any excess on a settled claim.
  • Premiums payable monthly by direct debit.

What isn't covered?

  • Any amounts that are not stated as the excess on your insurance policy.
  • Where your Insurer or any third party has waived or reimbursed your excess.
  • An incident when the insured is intoxicated by alcohol or under the influence of non-prescription drugs.

How would you pay for lifestyle excess insurance

Payment is made by monthly direct debit from your UK bank account – this system is tightly controlled and offers guarantees for you. Collection is usually made on the first working day of each month.

Will you need to pay your excess if you make a claim?

Yes – You will need to pay the excess on your Insurance claim and then claim this back on your Lifestyle Excess Insurance.

Lifestyle excess claims procedure

You will be required to provide the following information in support of your claim
  • Your contact details
  • Your lifestyle Excess Insurance Policy number
  • The Policy reference and Insurer details for the policy on which you have claimed
  • Copy of the settlement letter showing
  • Your contact details
  • The amount settled
  • Nature of the incident
  • The excess deducted